AI, but make it fashion

Rent the Runway CEO Jennifer Hyman said the fashion ecommerce experience is badly in need of improvement, and thinks generative AI is the way to transform it. The fashion rental service will soon roll out AI-powered search that allows customers to look for items for specific events, or just a “Miami vibe.” “If we are utilizing AI appropriately over the next few years, I see no reason why someone even has to come to our website,” Hyman said.

Following initial work with Albertsons this year, Pinterest is inviting Wayfair to make itself at home inside a clean room built in conjunction with LiveRamp. The data collaboration environment protects privacy and proprietary information, while providing insights about Wayfair’s ad performance that can be used to optimize campaigns. – Marketing Dive

Amid continued inflation, Campbell Soup Company is seeing shifts in consumer behavior. People are buying more at the beginning of the month, and turning toward shelf-stable items as opposed to frozen and prepared foods. The company isn’t changing strategy as a result, but it is making price considerations a part of its messaging. “If it's good food, people are going to buy it, especially if it's a great value,” said CEO Mark Clouse.

In-store activations are a tried and true method of marking a major event, or drumming up sales during a promotion. Now, brands are turning to virtual storefronts with some of the same goals in mind. The tech platform Obsess worked with J. Crew on a 40th anniversary lighthouse. Inside, consumers will find a scavenger hunt and a quiz that looks back at catalog covers. Shoppers may not be able to take something home, but content can make it an experience to remember. – CNBC

Major U.S. ports are seeing less cargo in 2023 than the previous two years. In the big picture, volumes are simply normalizing back to pre-pandemic levels. While there is optimism that peak season may deliver better results, labor disputes causing slowdowns continue to loom as a potential roadblock.

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